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U.S. consumers and businesses are rapidly adopting new communications products and services that are increasingly mobile, data-centric, and bandwidth-intensive. These trends are driving innovations in areas like 5G Mobility, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. These advanced capabilities, along with Next Generation 911, will yield numerous benefits for public safety. Unfortunately, government agencies face budget constraints that often make it difficult to adopt new technologies. As a result, they are forced to maintain aging equipment that imposes significant risks including operational malfunctions, vulnerability to hacking, and service outages.



Support State and Federal policies that promote the widespread adoption of advanced technologies which improve emergency response and increase public safety.

iCERT seeks to achieve this goal by supporting policies that address funding challenges, create incentives to invest in new technology, and promote an open, interoperable environment that enables public safety agencies to fully leverage technological innovation.

1.  Increase Funding for New Technologies. iCERT supports policies that will ensure adequate funding for advanced emergency response systems including, but not limited to, Federal funding for Next Generation 911 systems and services. It will actively support Federal legislation that provides additional funding for NG911.

2.  Promote Effective Technology Policies. iCERT supports policies that will facilitate the implementation and effective use of advanced emergency response systems including a Next Generation 911, emergency alerts, and first responder communications.


3.  Promote Open Standards Interoperability. iCERT supports the interoperability of all components of the emergency response ecosystem and the utilization of open standards to achieve such interoperability. It supports the use of cost effective testing as a means to promote standards conformance and interoperability and supports efforts to promote uniform testing processes.


4.  Protect Against Cyber Threats. iCERT supports a cybersecurity framework that protects emergency response systems against cyber-based attacks and will work with Federal, State, and Local government agencies and affected stakeholders to promote effective protection of public safety networks, services, equipment, applications, and information.

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