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NOTE: iCERT's Board of Directors has revised iCERT's dues structure for NEW memberships initiated in 2021 or later.




LEVEL      TOTAL ANNUAL REVENUE                          ANNUAL DUES      # Seats 

            Tier 1            $50mil or More                                              $20,000                   11 

            Tier 2            $3mil or More But Less Than $50mil           $12,000                     4 

            Tier 3            Less Than $3mil                                               $6,000                     2 


            LEVEL       TOTAL ANNUAL REVENUE                         ANNUAL DUES 

              Tier 1            $100mil or More                                           $10,000 

              Tier 2            $10mil or More But Less than $100mil         $8,000 

              Tier 3            $5mil or More But Less than $10mil             $6,000 

              Tier 4            $2mil or More But Less than $5mil               $4,000 

              Tier 5            Less Than $2mil                                              $2,000 


              Tier 6 Entrepreneur [Meets Entrepreneur Definition]        $500 



Membership Dues are U.S. Dollars only, and are based on total company revenue.  General Membership duration and renewal are set to an "anniversary" basis, 12-months after first joining.  Election to and Duration of Board of Directors Memberships and Officer Positions are explained in our BylawsDues are not prorated or refunded for subsequent company mergers / acquisitions, membership Tier decrease, voluntarily terminating membership, termination of membership pursuant to our Bylaws, or any other reasons. Prorata credit is provided for unused dues and Tier increases or Board election. Dues paid via credit card incur a 3% Convenience Fee; ACH, a 1% Convenience Fee.  Upon approval, dues may be paid monthly or quarterly (additional 3% Convenience Fee applies).   Past due invoice may result in membership termination. All decision of the Board or Executive Director, under delegated authority, are final and binding. 


Membership dues do not include additional events for which an attendance fee is required, special event or program sponsorship, or additional / optional elective products or services.  


Membership applies to an organization (except Entrepreneur and Associate).  Multiple individuals in a member company share the membership; however, for voting, each member company may have only one "designated member."

* Entrepreneur Members are sole practitioners / annual revenue of $1mil or less.  Limited engagement benefits apply as indicated above and excludes member from voting in association-wide ballots and from receiving pro bono market reports provided to general membership.

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