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Dear New Member –

Thanks for becoming an iCERT Member!   You may wish to save this email for future reference, and you are encouraged to share / distribute it as needed. We welcome your organization’s participation, energy, points of view, diversity, and commitment.   Always let me know how iCERT can help you be more successful.  That’s why we’re here. 


Also, our frequent and varied activities require that we seek input and responses (and votes) from our members regularly.  When you see such an email, please respond promptly – we wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important - it helps everyone when we’re all active and communicating.       


To help you get the most value from your iCERT Membership, please note the new member information, below:


  1. We’ve created Outlook and QuickBooks records for you, but if any information changes (ex., address, new primary member, new AP contact, emails, name change, etc.), please let us know.

  2. You can reach us anytime at:  or 202-503-9998 

  3. NEWS!   We welcome hearing about your successes, achievements, new colleague announcements, promotions, and generally anything other members would find interesting.  Send Web Links to articles to, and we’ll include it in our Newsletters. 

  4. Optional – DelTek Bid/Leads Program: this is a FREE service for iCERT Members (in good standing). 

    1. Info at this link, also.  Daily Bid/RFP’s delivered to your inbox. 

    2. Please complete this form   

    3. If you cannot reach the form on Google forms, please use this PDF,, complete, save, and send back to

  5. Your Contacts were added to the weekly Newsletter [the “Media Brief”] distribution, but please remember, as with all iCERT Committees and Work Groups, the Newsletter is available to all your colleagues:  

    1. Please add multiple emails from your organization to the distribution (please send all new names to me at and we’ll add them to the newsletter ).  

    2. We add relevant member information to every Newsletter, and wide distribution helps get the word out regarding iCERT projects and events that others may be interested in. 

    3. PLEASE CHECK YOUR INBOX ON MONDAYS FOR THE MEDIA BRIEF.  If you have any spam filter issues, please click this Meltwater Whitelist Instructions link for instructions.

  6. Your company’s name has been added to the “Media Brief” Newsletter’s media/article search – public safety-technology-business (focused) related articles mentioning your company in major media will be listed, with a link to the articles.   You may not notice something every issue.   Just depends on what’s in the news, and if the article relates to public safety.  

  7. Committees and Work Groups – many members find value in participating in our industry activities – please review the current list and descriptions at:

    1. Please note all your colleagues are eligible and encourage to participate on Committees / Work Groups (iCERT Membership is company-wide).

    2. You know your company best, so we ask that you reach out directly to our current Committee / Work Group Chairs to express your desire to work with a particular project or team, or what your areas of interest are.  The Committees are managed by our Members – we’ve found that direct connection is best: 

      1. Innovation & Technology  - Don Ferguson –

      2. Cloud Working Group  -  Don Ferguson –

      3. Policy  -  Don Brittingham -

      4. Marketing – Holly Blanks –

    3. We post all final / approved work product of our Committees on the iCERT website, usually with a news blurb:   Draft works are with the Committees/Working Groups.    

  8. Social Media – We are very active on Social Media and its one of the easiest ways to keep up on everything happening in iCERT. 

    1. Please follow, join, and link with us, AND ask your colleagues to do so also

    2. Please make sure to send YOUR social media announcements to us so we can expand your reach and audience:

      1. Twitter @iCERT1st  

      2. FaceBook 

      3. LinkedIN 

      4. Web  

      5. Instagram

  9. Promoting your Membership:

    1. A carousel slide appears announcing your membership on for approximately 60-days.

    2. iCERT’s website is an information portal was well.  The “Member Login” section password is “iCERT” (case sensitive).   For example, all of the presentations from our most recent Annual Meeting are posted there, including member presentations and other information.

    3. You are encouraged to add iCERT’s logo to your website – go “Member Login”.  Our Password is “iCERT” and click on “Logos For Your Website”    You’ll see instructions on how to download our logos and share.   Please let me know when you do. 

    4. We’ll send a social media campaign about your membership – another good reason to follow…😉    Please note that ALL our Tweets are archived on our Home Page – midway down. 

    5. We’ll send an email New Member Announcement to all iCERT friends and members (you’ll receive a copy).

    6. We put a note in the Newsletter for a few issues to get the word out.

    7. You’re included in our Member listing at

    8. You’re included in our promotional literature – featured at trade shows.    If you’ve agreed to add one of our Displays to your Booth and ever need tri-fold literature, just let me know – happy to provide. 

  10. All of our Tweets and FaceBook posts are listed via apps in the middle of our Home Page.

  11. Please go to and menu item, “Member Login”, and use password (“iCERT” – case sensitive) for more member only info.  

  12. Press Release – would be happy to work with you on a Press Release.   Just let me know. 


Happy to answer any additional questions.   Thanks, again, for your commitment, passion, involvement, and support. 

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