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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

NO Other Trade Association Provides This Exclusive Business Service

June 1, 2021

In a first-of-its-kind arrangement, The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT), the leading trade association for providers of public safety, communications, software, and emergency response technologies, announced a new first-of-its-kind FREE to members service; Bid/RFP business leads delivered daily.

"As far as we can tell, this has never been done before by a trade association," explained Kim Robert Scovill, iCERT's Executive Director, "It demonstrates our commitment to our Members during these difficult times, and an incredibly tangible benefit of iCERT membership. We want our members to be successful, and daily delivery of new potential business leads seems like a good way to do it. We're very grateful to Deltek for participating in this historic arrangement by building this unique service."

Here’s how the program works. Deltek has a nationally recognized comprehensive expert government business development / business intelligence service, GovWinIQ, that operates across all local, state, and federal markets. Deltek's GovWinIQ professional prospecting teams use their extensive network of contacts and sources to compile daily leads for all government business categories. iCERT leverages this data with business identifiers supplied by participating iCERT Members. These industry tags are updated periodically to keep pace with customers' changing needs. The Bids/RFPs that match are compiled for daily delivery. The comprehensive packet includes a listing of the opportunity, links to foundation documents, key contact, and other pertinent information. "The goal is to delivery actionable information that a Member can use immediately," noted Mr. Scovill, "Imagine the potential this has for small, medium, and even large iCERT Member organizations - and for NO extra membership dues. This service can essentially make membership free for many providers,” he noted.

The goals of this program include to:

1. help members sell new products and services, be successful, and grow,

2. allow members to pursue new / varied sales and business opportunities they may never have discovered through internal marketing,

3. identify relevant federal, state, and local agencies and build relationships,

4. keep a pulse on market activity and competitors,

5. capture and develop market / product metrics, databases, and market intelligence,

6. make new contacts and build relationships for future business, and

7. develop new markets.

Terms and conditions apply to the service.

Not an iCERT Member, go to

Current Members, go to:


Click for PDF Form, complete, save as new file name, and email to

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About Deltek GovWinIQ

Deltek’s Business Development solutions are built to help you find and win government contracts. As the leader in federal, state and local market intelligence, we’ve got you covered at every stage of the process. You’ll have the ability to personalize your search to identify and qualify relevant projects, with results delivered directly to your inbox. And as you develop your proposal, you can share it with a single click into your CRM for easy collaboration and client management. Start fueling your government contract growth today. More at:


Important New Benefit included with your iCERT membership - March 2020

Terms and Conditions - Deltek/GovWin Leads Program

Deltek/GovWinIQ, the leading government contracting intelligence resource, has created a new platform just for iCERT. Our members will receive a daily report with direct links to public sector opportunities. These are requests for information and new solicitations that could be waiting for your products and services. Furthermore, this daily (M-F except standard holidays) report will be filtered on unique opportunity descriptions provided by iCERT's members. This is a great benefit that allows our members to pursue new sales and build relationships that might otherwise go undiscovered.

Please note the terms and conditions for this program:

  1. It is only for paid active iCERT members. If your membership dues / invoice is open [ex., new membership] or unpaid/past due, you will not receive information. iCERT reserves the right in its sole and exclusive discretion to make this determination.

  2. It is prohibited to share information with individuals or organizations who are not qualified iCERT members (per these Terms and Conditions). Violation will result is loss of program participation. We are only able to archive information for approximately 30-days, per the Deltek/GovWinIQ platform. You are responsible for archiving / retaining any information you receive.

  3. We ask for one (1) email, noted above, to receive the daily spreadsheet. We can only send to one email address per member, and provide only one format for the data in the raw form that we receive it. iCERT is not responsible for transmission errors or delays on your end for receipt or action with the data. You are responsible for any data conversion, sorting, and/or analysis that you wish to do. There may be some continuation or duplication of data during multiple data deliveries. You are responsible for reconciling such information. If you encounter data corruption or other error, please contact so we can pass along for investigation / repair by Deltek/GovWinIQ.

  4. iCERT has a master agreement for a 1-year trial with Deltek/GovWinIQ. There is no guarantee we will continue the program throughout or beyond its initial term.

  5. It is a free service to members during our trial period. No separate fee / charge for service. This service has no cash value equivalent and does not impact your membership level / dues (i.e., declining the service does not lower membership dues).

  6. Every member in the program will be emailed the same once-daily data file (file is sent the next day after each day's business intelligence has been gathered - M-F, except holidays). If you encounter an error, or do not receive your daily transmission, please contact iCERT is not responsible for transmission error or delays. You are responsible for extracting those leads that are most appropriate for your organization. You are responsible for any follow-up with the appropriate party(ies) or agency(ies).

  7. We request, or you may provide, updated "key"project descriptions from members from time to time, and will work with Deltek/GovWinIQ to accommodate supplied terms. Submit project descriptions suggestions to executivedirector@ Please note that there is no warranty express or implied that supplied terms will exist in any particular public sector opportunity or data file. You are required to do your own due diligence and/or analysis of the supplied information.

  8. There is no new, original, and/or additional warranty of any kind, express or implied, and/or fitness for a particular use, express or implied, and/or guarantee for activity or success, express or implied, for this program / service as received through iCERT. There are no guarantees or minimums for the quality, content, or relevance of content or sales that may be generated by or through the program. All terms and conditions of use, and warranty terms, if any, and/or fitness for a particular use, if any, as are applicable or excluded from Deltek/GovWinIQ continue to apply. See

  9. This program is not a substitute for other similar Deltek/GovWinIQ programs or services. Such programs may have different and/or additional features. You are encouraged to investigate those programs if they better suit your needs. The iCERT program is provided strictly "as is", and cannot be modified (except as noted above).

That’s it. We are pleased to partner with GovWinIQ to provide this service. Best of luck as you grow your business.

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