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iCERT Issues Conformance Testing Recommendations

Approved programs would follow these guidelines

October 24, 2019 The migration to NG911 will bring tremendous improvements in 911 service delivery functionality and will provide a more resilient and reliable system for the public and emergency responders. Important to a successful migration is the development of uniform standards and the adoption of those standards by vendors offering products and service to 911 Authorities. While still evolving, these standards are the foundation upon which all stakeholders depend. They ensure that different components interoperate within the NG911 system being implemented, and customers rely on adherence to standards to ensure interoperability with adjacent jurisdictions that have migrated to NG911.

The list of recommendations provided covers a wide variety of topics that iCERT believes are important to any NG911 testing program. However, there may be other important issues that were not considered. Consequently, this recommendation should not be viewed as an endorsement of any particular conformance testing program, as iCERT’s support for such a program would depend on a variety of operational and financial factors.

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