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Membership Benefits

  1. Collaborate with other industry professionals and network for both marketplace and organic growth

  2. All colleagues share your company's membership

  3. Receive Daily FREE Bid/RFP Business Leads / Proposals from Deltek/GovWinIQ (based on your key search terms) 

  4. Our Policy Committee Legislative Working Group, including most Public Safety NGOs, is actively meeting on draft funding legislation – with a change of control in Congress and anticipated infrastructure bill, we’re preparing for a rare opportunity to secure long overdue public safety technology funding in 2021-2022, and are preparing our messaging and advocacy efforts now

  5. Our newest committee, Innovation and Technology, is dedicated to addressing YOUR cutting edge standards, best practices, and technology issues in public safety technology

  6. Membership includes our weekly newsletter – The Media Brief - containing RFPs/RFIs, public media mentions of all our members, and other unique customized content, and ALL of a members' colleagues may receive their own individual newsletter - no sharing necessary

  7. Totally revamped Website – Social Media public safety news, and other tools 

  8. Expanded Outreach – such as – coordinated Webinar with Homeland Security / DHS (see News & Updates - All) - Cloud Technology Webinar with IWCE - all of these are influential new arenas for iCERT’s members to network and collaborate

  9. iCERT Membership dues are graduated – taking into account a member’s size and financial resources

  10. Two (2x) FREE in-person/virtual (as public safety rules permit) Annual Meetings with cutting edge technology speakers, Networking Opportunities, demonstrations, and much more

The value of an iCERT membership has never been greater, or more important to your company’s future success, because an iCERT membership helps you and your company to; 

  • Compete more effectively, with access to cutting edge ideas on industry trends and issues

  • Network with like-minded enterprises, offering prospects for partnerships and collaboration

  • Shape the industry and directly influence legislation and regulations

  • Gain access to visible leadership roles at seminars, conferences, and events

  • Project a positive image of your company to your customers (and potential customers), demonstrating your commitment to helping the public safety industry through iCERT's advocacy agenda –

    • Increase NEW public safety funding at all levels of government

    • Increase the scope and role of private enterprise in public safety

    • Increase the pace and scope of innovation in public safety


In contrast to many other like organizations, iCERT values and responds to our members:  your organization’s concerns and interests directly impact our agenda and activities and become the Industry Council’s priorities.  



Joining iCERT brings access to unique resources and opportunities:

  • Daily FREE Bid/RFP Business Leads / Proposals from Deltek/GovWinIQ (based on your key search terms)

    • This program is UNIQUE to iCERT, no other trade association has ever offered a program like this​

    • No extra charge (for current members)

    • Click Here for Details


  • Company-Wide Membership to Relevant Committees and Working Groups

    • the iCERT participation is NOT limited to one person – your colleagues are encouraged to become visible and active the Industry Council’s leaders and participants in our committees and working groups (note: member companies only receive one (1) vote in any group, even if multiple members). 

    • Our standing committees are: Technology and Innovation, Policy, with multiple Working Groups based on contemporary industry issues.


  • Proprietary iCERT Media Brief Newsletter that contains unique content;​

    • Your Company’s appearances in publications and social media (with links)

    • Top trending Public Safety-related news stories 

    • FCC Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau releases / actions

    • Local, State, and Federal Government Public Safety-Related actions

George Kelemen

Executive Director

Phone: (202) 805-0096



  • Proprietary iCERT Members Only Newsletter that contains unique content;​

    • Specialized Public Safety/NG911 news​

    • Stories highlighting significant activities and achievements of Members

    • Social Media entries mentioning Members 

    • iCERT-related social media entries


  • Tailored Public Safety Technology-related Marketing Reports and Analysis


  • Member-Driven Educational Webinars and Events

    • Member curiosity and educational needs drive our team to explore topics of value and interest


  • Unique Member-to-Member Industry Meetings and Events

    • Two Membership Meetings Per Year (conditions permitting in-person and virtual)

    • Networking / Business-to-Business Meetings

    • iCERT Member participation on 3d-party trade show panels and related events

    • Scheduled Receptions at Public Safety Expos and other events (varies)

  • Opportunities to contribute articles to trade publications on critical topics

  • Opportunities to present or participate in panels at conferences on behalf of the Industry Council

  • Annual National Association of State 911 Administrators briefing & reception​

  • Future Programs

    • Business Insurance Products / Services (discounts to iCERT Members)​

    • NPSTC Affiliate Members for iCERT (derived access for iCERT Members)


Lastly, your membership makes the iCERT stronger, as every new member increases every member’s ability to make positive changes in our industry. 

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