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There is no better time to become a member of iCERT. We have initiated a new Strategic Plan, expanded our membership, and are reintroducing our brand around the country and the world. Membership in iCERT makes a powerful statement about your organization - you support the best technology for first responders.  


Please contact us at with your information or access the membership form here 


NOTE: iCERT's Board of Directors has revised iCERT's dues structure for NEW memberships initiated in 2021 or later.

Dues Categories – iCERT Board and General Membership

(for New Memberships Initiated in 2021 or later and Renewals July 2021 or later)


Board of Directors

LEVEL           TOTAL ANNUAL REVENUE                                     ANNUAL DUES            # Seats 

Tier A            $50mil or More                                                          $20,000                         11 

Tier B            $3mil or More But Less Than $50mil                     $12,000                           4 

Tier C            Less Than $3mil                                                         $6,000                             2 

General Membership

LEVEL           TOTAL ANNUAL REVENUE                                     ANNUAL DUES 

Tier 1            $100mil or More                                                       $10,000 

Tier 2            $10mil or More But Less than $100mil                 $8,000 

Tier 3            $5mil or More But Less than $10mil                     $6,000 

Tier 4            $2mil or More But Less than $5mil                       $4,000 

Tier 5            Less Than $2mil                                                        $2,000 

Tier 6 E.        Entrepreneur                                                             $500 

Click Here for Membership Dues Terms & Conditions


​Membership Dues are U.S. Dollars only, and are based on total company revenue. Entrepreneur Membership is limited to single individual sole proprietor consultancies. 

Previous Membership Dues Levels

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