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Chair - Fabricio Velez, Director - INdigitial


The primary function of the iCERT Innovation and Technology Committee (“ITC”) is to examine and recommend for the Board of Directors (“Board”) and/or other association action, iCERT positions on local, state, regional, national, and international technologies, technology initiatives, proposed technology standards, and best practices affecting emergency response technologies.  

The ITC also manages various Work Groups that are created for temporary projects or initiatives.  Work Groups are very efficient, often setting a timeline of 90 days to accomplish their tasks.  


The ITC’s goals are to support our industry and help move technology innovation into public safety in an orderly and safe manner, and through collaborative guidance and recommendations, to help provide public safety technology users an extra level of confidence to begin using new innovative technologies and approaches without undue delay.  The ITC will also perform other duties, as noted below, and as may be assigned by the Board.   Because technology questions and impacts may overlap with policy questions, the ITC will coordinate with the Policy Committee to ensure proper topic management for the benefit of all iCERT’s members.


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