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iCERT members have exclusive access to several unique resources and opportunities:


  • Receive Daily Bid/RFP Business Leads /Proposals from Deltek/ GovWinIQ

  • Participation in Semi-Annual Meetings

  • Unique Member-to-Member Industry Meetings and Events

  • Member-Driven Educational Webinars and Podcasts

  • iCERT member newsletter delivering industry-specific news and content weekly


Advocacy opportunities to shape the industry and directly influence legislation and regulation affecting it.

Policy Platform: iCERT's members lead the charge to advance public policy.  

Policy Goal:  Support State and Federal policies that promote the widespread adoption of advanced technologies which improve emergency response and increase public safety.

  • Increase funding for new technologies

  • Promote effective technology policies

  • Promote open standards interoperability

  • Protect against cyber threats


The iCERT network promotes collaborative working relationships. Our primary focus is to provide an environment in which our member companies can network with one another and work together to solve problems.


In some cases, this collaborative interaction has formed strategic business partnerships between our members, enabling them to achieve key business objectives.


The driving forces behind our network are the iCERT Committees and Working Groups:

  • Policy Committee

  • Marketing Committee

  • Interoperability Working Group

  • Cybersecurity Working Group

  • Innovation & Technology Committee

  • Small Member/Entrepreneur Working Group

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