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Committee & Working Group Structure - For iCERT Members ​ Much of iCERT's public-facing activities are accomplished via our member driven and populated advisory Committees and Working Groups, overseen by our Board leadership. The Board delegates operations and agendas to the Executive Director but retains all decision-making and final authority over iCERT, hence the importance of a Member's role on the Board. ​ iCERT's has two main advisory Committees; the Innovation and Technology Committee, and the Policy Committee, and several specialized Committees.  Issues/topics managed by iCERT are often assigned to one of these advisory Committees (they coordinate efforts, and may work in concert  if the matter requires such attention).  To maintain a nimble process, below each Committee are subject-specific smaller Working Groups that are assigned to quickly examine an issue/topic within a defined timeline, and provide information, research, or even and initial action recommendation for their respective full Committee.   Thorough discussion and debate at the Working Group level, which is then reviewed at the Committee level, allows more iCERT members to voice their opinions and provide useful input to the process. Actions such as a formal position, regulatory filing, intervention, press release, or public iCERT Policy Statement require a Board majority vote. ​ iCERT Working Groups ​ Working Groups' activities, focus, and memberships change frequently as issues arise and are managed or projects assigned by a Committee or the Board reach a conclusion.  Group activity often follows with the current activity/relevance of an issue to our industry and/or a common issue among Members.  ​ iCERT White Paper Development Process  ​ iCERT's members often have diverse, even conflicting points of view - that's inherent in the trade association model. However, as part of iCERT membership, they recognize and agree that a balanced and open fact-based educational debate will often yield the best opportunity for industry advancement.

Below is a list of other Committees/Working Groups that are under review for enactment: ​  Land Mobile Radio (LMR)  Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)  Geographical Information Systems (GIS)   -------------------------- As such, our process of diverse group membership, multiple levels of review (Working Group, Committee, and Board of Directors), and quality control through the Executive Director is designed to meet with our overall goals for White Paper content:   Fact-based technical accuracy Clarity and ease of understanding Balanced objective explanation of issues  Clear notation and acknowledgement of the business or technical preferences of a contributor or contributors Fairness in treatment and recognition of "all sides" of a controversy Clearly setting forth/identifying areas of consensus and highlighting where more effort is needed to reach consensus​ ​ ​iCERT White Papers are not "marketing brochures" - we seek to provide balanced useful information that permits the reader to come to reasoned conclusions in the context of all points of view and based on a reader's particular circumstances.  ​​​

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