iCERT Empowers Public Safety, Together. Join Us Today!

Why should your organization join iCERT? Because "success" is a "team" effort- you as a member, other iCERT Members as your collaborators, and even your competitors are iCERT Members - all joined together under the trade association umbrella for our mutual success and the betterment of the public safety community.   Your "team" is iCERT.   


An increasingly diverse, complex, and competitive public safety technologies ecosystem presents many challenges, but also creates as many or more opportunities for growth, efficiency, and success.  For technology companies, to grow and thrive, they need a market structure that encourages investment and an opportunity to drive innovation through cooperative relationships with others in the industry.  The trade association "format" suits these goals better than any other paradigm, and iCERT reflects what's best about a trade association's benefits.



iCERT provides both; working with policymakers to promote a pro-competitive and accommodating regulatory environment and providing member companies a venue within which they can collaborate, seek out partners, and work together to achieve their individual and collective objectives. 


As a group, iCERT’s members constantly and consistently advocate;

  1. for increased public funding for all safety and emergency technologies, and

  2. to ensure legislators and regulators at all levels of government hear, respect, acknowledge, and accommodate the needs of the commercial public safety industry in policy, planning, funding, standards, and operational decisions. 

iCERT is a recognized industry voice, thought leader, and resources for and about public safety technology and related industries (ex., IoT, cloud-based, manufacturers, software, transportation, medical, etc.).   iCERT is a platform for vital industry communication regarding issues that unfairly burden or impede the introduction of new public safety / emergency response and related technologies to the market. 


Unique Structure

iCERT membership automatically includes all the members of your entire public safety technology operation, amplifying membership value and return on investment.


Public safety has long evolved past "just 911" or even "NG911."  Now, we're sensors, predictive analytics, virtual reality training, drones, artificial intelligence, PSAP/ECC management, cyber, and so much more.  Its enterprises who started out dedicated to public safety, and technology purveyors whose innovations fit public safety's needs so well they were "drafted" into service.  iCERT continually examines the “public safety technologies” landscape reaching out to new diverse entities, paradigm disruptors, and innovators for inclusion.  You’ll meet first-hand with a growing membership of new, novel, and ever-changing contacts.


One-stop networking and directory-level access for collaboration, cooperation, alliances, business-to-business networking, intelligence, and relationship building with the industry’s marque organizations.  iCERT members support each other and are dedicated to the industry’s common good.


Like it or not, the public safety community favors its "own".  The sense of "family" and "community" that energizes 6,000+ PSAPs/ECCs across America isn't an accident - it springs from the bond of communal sacrifice that all public safety, first responder, and support personnel share.  iCERT membership tells the world that you are interested in public safety for its own sake and are investing for the future.  


iCERT continually creates opportunities for formal and informal training programs, based on member demand and concerns, for both company and personnel training and development.  Focusing on innovation and new developments, iCERT helps you stay on top of new products and services and maintain a competitive and informational edge.  Knowledge includes sharing best practices and developing fresh ideas and novel solutions both internally, and with government customers and regulators.   


Membership includes privileged access to iCERT-only events, meetings, initiatives, and resources, including: 

  1. UNIQUE Deltek/GovWinIQ Daily Bid/RFP Leads Program - free to members (no other Association provides this)

  2. Two Annual in-person Full Membership Meetings  (note: meetings are in-person/virtual, as public safety rules permit)

    1. Organizational and Education Meeting (fall)

    2. Networking Business-to-Business and Collaboration Meeting (spring)

  3. Two Weekly Newsletters - Media and Members Only ​

  4. Focused industry-specific Policy, Innovation & Technology, and Marketing Member Committees focused on

    1. NG9-1-1 Funding Legislation

    2. Innovation, Standards, Education, and Compliance

    3. Marketing, Sales, and Information Management best practices

  5. Issue-oriented and results-driven narrow Member Working Groups​

  6. Continual cutting-edge member-driven webinars and education access

  7. Member attended meetings with state and federal legislators for 9-1-1 funding

  8. Member attended meetings with F.C.C.​

  9. Member specific tool-oriented Website, and extensive social media 




Maintaining iCERT’s Value

iCERT is a member-driven organization with the culture and flexibility to try new things, remain nimble, and respond immediately to members’ changing needs: open to new ideas and opportunities.  We frequently survey our members and benchmark performance to those results.  Remaining relevant is in our DNA.     


Through iCERT, you’ll join with like-minded organizations to promote marketplace and internal growth, encourage investment, and drive innovation through cooperative relationships with other iCERT members.  iCERT provides a venue within which you can collaborate, seek out partners, and work together to achieve individual and collective objectives.

Of course, every organization has its own unique needs and identity.  iCERT welcomes these differences with a graduated membership tier, that matches a company's size with the expected commitment.  And, redefines inclusion by making all willing company colleagues beneficiaries of iCERT.  

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