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iCERT's Vision & Mission Statements


iCERT Vision:  iCERT is dedicated to improving public safety through innovation.

iCERT Mission:  iCERT will lead the emergency response industry’s efforts to promote growth and investment by facilitating industry collaboration, advancing effective public policies, and developing best practices.

iCERT’s Core Values center around our relationships with our Members, our determination to take concrete actions that benefit our industry, and our commitment to work with all affected stakeholders to affect change.

  1. We are customer-focused; we succeed when our Members succeed.

  2. We are action-oriented; we work to change the world around us and not simply monitor and report on industry trends.

  3. We are innovative; improving the future of emergency response through advanced technologies, increased investment, and growth.

  4. We act with integrity; we seek to achieve results through collaboration with our Members, Partners, and Stakeholders.

iCERT History​

Founded by a group of prominent business leaders in December, 2005 originally as the 9-1-1 Industry Alliance, iCERT plays an important role as the voice of commercial public safety companies, wireless carriers, and related vendors on public policy issues impacting 9-1-1 and the emergency response system.  iCERT’s membership is diverse, and many of its members not only have differing business objectives, they may be direct competitors. 
Even so, all of iCERT’s members agree that an invigorated vendor community engaged in frequent two-way dialog with public safety officials, regulators, and policy makers is indispensable to creating the highest quality emergency services for all members of the public.  Industry Council members believe history has established and continues to demonstrate that business leaders’ expertise can assist public policy makers and government emergency communications professionals as they address complex choices regarding advanced communications technologies.
To fill this continuing critical need in public safety, the unique value represented by iCERT is that it is the only commercial sector trade association focused exclusively on the emergency response technologies sector, your industry!

Our members believe that business leaders' expertise can assist public policymakers and government emergency communications professionals as they address complex choices regarding advanced communications technology alternatives in the years ahead.  Through advocacy, research, and in coordination with the public sector, iCERT plays a vital role in the development and deployment of emergency response technologies.

Through membership in iCERT, companies can and do:

  • Advance public policies that will decrease the cost of doing business in the emergency response sector and create new business opportunities for iCERT's members;

  • Conduct research to solve systemic industry problems and promote long term growth across the industry;

  • Promote increased sales through direct engagement with public safety stakeholders and prospective customers; and

  • Develop industry relationships that facilitate partnerships and alliances in furtherance of corporate goals.


     Unlike professional associations where individuals must join and maintain memberships, iCERT's members are companies, the full commercial enterprises.  ny company employees can participate in iCERT activities under the banner of the member company. iCERT's committees and key-issue working groups provide excellent avenues for engagement and industry-wide impactful leadership and contributions to the cause of advancing emergency calling and communications technologies.

Key program efforts and activities underway at iCERT, for which member company involvement and participation can be beneficial include:

  • Joint forums on important policy and technical issues in conjunction with the public sector

  • Ongoing coordination with FirstNet on public safety broadband

  • Presentation opportunities through iCERT at national and global public safety and government-focused events and webinars

  • Opportunities to offer articles to well-known trade publications through the association

  • Crafting of industry-focused insights and guidance to regulatory and legislative processes

  • Opportunities to contribute learned experiences and insights to iCERT publications

  • Unique market picture briefings for individual member companies

  • Our annual membership meeting, where key industry content is presented by nationally and globally recognized experts

  • Research reports, such as our study of America's readiness for transition to IP-based emergency calling


And, on a regular basis, iCERT members receive the following value-added exclusive benefits:

  • Unique Deltek/GovWinIQ Daily Bid/RFP Leads Program - FREE to members

  • Regular updates of interest on important industry happenings

  • Weekly industry news roundup

  • Monthly procurement trends recap and analysis

  • Annual market analysis, crafted in conjunction with Deltek

  • 5% discount on critical communications research reports by IHS

  • Market analysis presented through iCERT webinars


As a business leader in our industry, I'm sure you will recognize the value in being part of a dynamic community where you can share and exchange insights and expertise as you connect with your industry peers and to public safety professionals. Engaging with key public officials raises our members' national and global profiles and we connect regularly and deeply with other associations in the field, thus enhancing member companies' reach and presence.

As a member of iCERT, companies benefit because it:

  • Helps keep businesses at the cutting edge of industry news and on top of important, ever-changing issues and trends in the marketplace;

  • Projects a positive image of a company to its customers; shows a business' initiative and engagement across the industry;

  • Provides access to a network of like-minded businesses, offering prospects for partnerships and collaboration;

  • Offers members the ability to help shape the industry and drive it forward, including the opportunity to influence legislation and regulations; and

  • Offers opportunities to preside in leadership roles in the industry, and access to seminars, conferences, events, and to members-only offers.


Joining and maintaining membership in iCERT means you're not alone. iCERT represents the best of the emergency communications industry, advocating for enhanced funding for emergency calling, bringing leaders together to share visions of a safer, more secure world through better communications, and studying the emergency communications arena and sharing expertise with other stakeholders.

iCERT is the only organization that brings the entire industry together. Why? Because when we speak with one voice.



ICERT and its members are committed to full compliance with all laws, regulations, and ethical standards, including federal and state antitrust laws.  Compliance with both the letter and spirit of the antitrust laws is an important goal for ICERT and is essential to maintaining ICERT’s reputation for the highest standards of ethical conduct.   Here is our Antitrust Policy.

Kim Robert Scovill, Esq.
Executive Director


Phone: 202-503-9998

Kathi Scovill, Office Manager


Phone: 202-503-9998

After an extensive national search, Kim was elected as iCERT’s Executive Director in 2018.  Kim was most recently Vice President – Legal and Regulatory for Comtech Telecommunications  (formerly TCS – TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.), previously served as the Executive Director of the NG9-1-1 Institute, and as Vice President with Intrado Safety Services.   Kim’s early career includes service as an Administrative Law Judge at the PUCO, the founding equity Vice President and General Counsel for Choice One Communications, a publicly traded CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) valued at almost $1bil.  Kim is a patented inventor, an accomplished speaker and author, publishing numerous articles, and his book, An Introduction to the Regulation of Telecommunications, was the first volume on the topic in the industry. Kim earned his BA and MA degrees from Ohio University and Juris Doctor degree from Capital University.   He is licensed before the NY and OH bars, and Federal District Courts.

A veteran office manager and event planner, Kathi has served in the public health and health insurance agencies for many years, most recently managing the local office of a state health and wellness agency.  Her contributions to iCERT span the organization’s administrative, accounting, and meeting planning, and she is very much the “glue” that holds the iCERT office together.  Kathi also manages iCERT’s QuickBooks account, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and travel functions.

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