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About iCERT


iCERT-The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies-is the only industry trade association focused exclusively on emergency response technologies and related equipment, systems, and services.  iCERT is dedicated to improving public safety through innovation.


iCERT's mission is to drive innovation in the emergency response sector and to promote industry growth through increased investments in new technologies.


iCERT's approach focuses on three objectives: Facilitating collaboration among our members, the public safety community, and various other stakeholders that are all interested in improving emergency response Advancing Federal and State public policies that will bring about improvements in emergency response Developing good best practices for the industry


iCERT's members are the nation’s leading public safety communications technology companies, including manufacturers, software developers, systems integrators, service providers, and others.


iCERT was founded by a group of prominent business leaders in December, 2005 originally as the 9-1-1 Industry Alliance, iCERT plays an important role as the voice of commercial public safety companies, wireless carriers, and related vendors on public policy issues impacting 9-1-1 and the emergency response system. iCERT’s membership is diverse, and many of its members not only have differing business objectives, they may even be direct competitors. Even so, all of iCERT’s members agree that an invigorated vendor community engaged in frequent two-way dialog with public safety officials, regulators, Congress, and policy makers is indispensable to creating the highest quality emergency services for all members of the public. iCERT members believe history has established and continues to demonstrate that business leaders’ expertise can assist public policy makers and government emergency communications professionals as they address complex choices regarding advanced communications technologies. To fill this continuing critical need in public safety, the unique value represented by iCERT is that it is the only commercial sector trade association focused exclusively on the emergency response technologies sector.


Version 7.31.05


George Kelemen
Executive Director

Phone: (202) 805-0096

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