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Exacom Joins iCERT / Emergency Response Technologies Trade Association

Multimedia Recording Solution Provider Joins Other Industry Leaders as iCERT Member Washington, D.C., December 4, 2018 — The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (“iCERT”) announced the addition of Exacom, the leader in distributed multimedia distributed recording solutions, to iCERT’s select group of members.

“Logging recorder companies typically only develop or improve their solutions in reaction to what’s happening in the market, rather than becoming a driving force for change,” said Exacom President and CEO Al Brisard. “But now more than ever, recorders play a key role in the mission critical ecosystem of growing security concerns and pressure to validate after the fact. We take this responsibility seriously, so we are excited to join iCERT as the only member dedicated solely to distributed multimedia recording. We look forward to driving stronger partnerships and market-wide technologies, which will ultimately create better communications solutions for our customers.”

Over the last 30 years, Exacom has been at the forefront of technology and standards direction. Their multimedia recording solutions have been proven in multiple market segments including public safety. Their unique distributed recording environment, made possible through their mix of hardware and software solutions combined with flexible deployment configurations, allows for interactions to be captured wherever and whenever they take place.

“Each new iCERT member offers a unique perspective on using technology to advance public safety,” said Kim Robert Scovill, the Industry Council’s new Executive Director. “Establishing, maintaining, and growing relationships among key technology company leaders—the members of iCERT—is an important element of iCERT’s vision. We look forward to Exacom’s participation in our mission to leverage new technologies in the public safety sector.”

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