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Free Webinar - "Cloud, Fog, Mist, and Edge Computing – What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter"

iCERT Board Member, Matt Melton, (AWS) as Presenter

November 7, 2019 Duration: 60 minutes, including Q&A. Watch ON DEMAND: To login, simply click the Watch ON DEMAND link above to launch the replay. You may be asked to enter your email address for verification purposes.

Leveraging cloud computing can be a cost-effective way to increase productivity, access additional computational resources and increase enterprise flexibility in a disaster-recovery scenario. However, mission-critical and business-critical entities have long worried about security and their ability to function on cloud-based systems when their connectivity to a centralized cloud may be lost. This webinar will examine security considerations and approaches that effectively bring at least a portion of cloud intelligence closer to the end user—flavors include fog, mist and edge computing—to boost performance and potentially improve system resilience when cloud connectivity is down. Learn about the right questions to ask when making decisions about what is best for your enterprise.

System Setup & Compatibility Check To ensure quality, we advise that you test your computer to make sure you have the minimum technical requirements to attend. Test your system. If you encounter any technical difficulties, you may access our online help files at any time.

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