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Suntech Joins iCERT

Innovative Telematics Hardware and Software

August 11, 2021

Welcome iCERT's newest Member - Suntech International USA. Suntech is lead by a name familiar to many of you from his tenure as Executive Director of NENA, and before that, at Comcare - Rob Martin. Rob, welcome back!

As an introduction - Suntech is focused on the design and manufacture of telematics hardware that supports critical infrastructure. Suntech International LTD, parent company of Suntech U.S., was founded in 2001. The company is headquartered in South Korea and is a major developer, manufacturer, and global distributor of location tracking devices, firmware, and related telematics support solutions. The company was the first to introduce a chip-based design for GPS tracking that allows devices to be compact, low-cost, and with feature-rich solutions to meet the changing demands of telematics service providers. Suntech has shipped more than 4 million tracking devices worldwide with offices in the U.S., Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, and Hong Kong.

Suntech U.S. started in 2016 and offers a wide variety of telematics devices, from OBDII plug-in solutions to a new lineup of self-contained battery and solar-powered trackers that can provide many years of reliable service.

One of Suntech's most popular devices is the ST4310 Vehicle Tracker, which supports driver behavior notifications, crash notification, ignition on/off, polygonal geofencing, and remote firmware upgrades. It operates on cellular networks from 2G/3G (for Latin America) to NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M1 (low power for IoT) and receives position updates from both GPS and Glonass. Suntech can also support cold chain applications with BLE, WiFi, and temperature, light, and humidity sensors.

In addition to ensuring all products are certified on the major wireless carriers, Suntech U.S. has a host of growing services that make it easy to integrate and do business with, including U.S. based technical support along with dedicated Field Application Engineers (FAEs) assigned for all new customers and active samples free for 60 days. Suntech provides free support tools too, such as access to a proprietary web-based OTA software (SCUTI), and a profile customization tool that doesn’t require scripting or coding (SyncTrak). Suntech U.S. has a rapidly growing customer base due to providing quality support services and wholesale pricing, regardless of the size of the customer.

Through iCERT Membership - Rob hopes to network and collaborate with iCERT members around GPS and IoT tracking technology for mission critical infrastructure.

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