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Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies, Inc. (iCERT)
Business League 503(c)6
Our Vision

iCERT is dedicated to improving public safety through innovation.

Our Mission

iCERT will lead the emergency response industry’s efforts to promote growth and investment by facilitating industry collaboration, advancing effective public policies, and developing best practices.

Core Values

iCERT centers around our relationships with our Members, our determination to take concrete actions that benefit our industry, and our commitment to work with all affected stakeholders to affect change:

  1. We are customer-focused; we succeed when our Members succeed.

  2. We are action-oriented; we work to change the world around us and not simply monitor and report on industry trends.

  3. We are innovative; improving the future of emergency response through advanced technologies, increased investment, and growth.

  4. We act with integrity; we seek to achieve results through collaboration with our Members, Partners, and Stakeholders.

Who We Are

iCERT – the Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies, Inc. - is the only trade association exclusively championing commercial public safety response technology providers, software developers, cloud providers, and all related organizations serving the public safety community. iCERT improves the public safety ecosystem through ensuring that the needs and views of our members are recognized and accommodated by all levels of government, demonstrating the benefits of and encouraging new public funding for all technologies, driving continuous technology improvements, providing member and user experience and education, and helping our members reach their organic and marketplace growth objectives.


​Founded by a group of prominent business leaders in December, 2005 originally as the 9-1-1 Industry Alliance, iCERT plays an important role as the voice of commercial public safety companies, wireless carriers, and related vendors on public policy issues impacting 9-1-1 and the emergency response system.  iCERT’s membership is diverse, and many of its members not only have differing business objectives, they may even be direct competitors. 
Even so, all of iCERT’s members agree that an invigorated vendor community engaged in frequent two-way dialog with public safety officials, regulators, Congress, and policy makers is indispensable to creating the highest quality emergency services for all members of the public.  Industry Council members believe history has established and continues to demonstrate that business leaders’ expertise can assist public policy makers and government emergency communications professionals as they address complex choices regarding advanced communications technologies.
To fill this continuing critical need in public safety, the unique value represented by iCERT is that it is the only commercial sector trade association focused exclusively on the emergency response technologies sector, your industry!

Antitrust Policy


ICERT and its members are committed to full compliance with all laws, regulations, and ethical standards, including federal and state antitrust laws.  Compliance with both the letter and spirit of the antitrust laws is an important goal for ICERT and is essential to maintaining ICERT’s reputation for the highest standards of ethical conduct.   Here is our Antitrust Policy.

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George Kelemen

Executive Director

Phone: (202) 805-0096



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