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$12B for NG911 Include in House Infrastructure Proposal

"Moving Forward Framework" - $760B in Total Plan

January 29, 2020 Washington, DC

House Proposes $760B Infrastructure Plan - Includes $12B for NG911 - Info:… -

Entitled "Moving Forward Framework"

The bill is at this point just a framework, and there’s no legislative language yet. Pelosi said she had no firm timing on when it would be on the House floor.

PUBLIC SAFETY COMMUNICATIONS INVESTMENTS: $12 BILLION Grants for Implementation of Next Generation 9-1-1 – Provides $12 billion in grants for the implementation of Next Generation 9-1-1 services to make 9-1-1 service more accessible, effective, and resilient. This service would protect American lives by allowing callers to send text messages, images, or videos to 9-1-1 to help responders better assess the nature of an emergency and reach people in need.

America’s infrastructure is in crisis. For decades we have relied on a 1950s-era transportation system that has failed to keep pace with our economy, our communities, and our changing climate. And in 2020, what do we have to show for it? Roads and highways that are in poor condition, badly congested, and accelerating carbon pollution; rail and transit systems that are often unreliable and inefficient; bridges that are structurally deficient and putting communities at risk; airports that can’t keep up with growing passenger demand; ports and harbors that are incapable of accommodating the demands of commercial shipping due to lack of dredging; aging drinking and wastewater infrastructure that has left entire communities without drinking water and put rivers and streams at risk of contamination; and wide swaths of the U.S. population without access to highspeed internet, which has become a necessity for schools, homes, and businesses. The cost of inaction is great, not only for the tens of millions of Americans who are forced to waste their own time and money trying to get from Point A to Point B, but also for the broader U.S. economy, which requires robust infrastructure connecting every corner of our country to move goods and people as quickly and as safely as possible in our increasingly mobile society. That’s why House Democrats are putting forward a framework to invest $760 billion over five years in the nation’s roads, bridges, transit systems, railways, airports, ports, inland waterways, wastewater and drinking water systems, brownfields, and broadband. This framework is an opportunity to get our existing infrastructure working again and fund new transformative projects that will create an estimated 10 million jobs,1 while reducing carbon pollution, dramatically improving safety, and spurring economic activity.

iCERT advocates for public safety funding - join us in this effort -

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Albina Konovalova
Albina Konovalova
Dec 06, 2022

Fotoplafond zijn zeer interessante ideeën voor de keuken, ze zullen de keuken lichter en groter maken, die in de keuken wordt bijgewerkt voor minimaal geld, en struikelde over wolkenplafonds. Dit is een goede optie om het interieur van je huis tegen een lage prijs te updaten

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