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911DataPath: A Strategic Plan for Sharing 911 Data Nationwide

Two Free Webinars - July 7, 2020 and July 14, 2020

June 9, 2020

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) focus on helping those in need and saving lives. In order to do this effectively, 911 relies on data and information sharing, both locally and nationally. Because a standard 911 data system doesn't exist, the opportunity to share actionable data across the nation is limited.

The 911 DataPath is an initiative to produce a framework to enable the voluntary adoption of a uniform 911 data system. As a first step, stakeholders in the 911 community have come together to begin identifying important data points and a common way to reference them. This will help improve operations, support data needs to secure funding, and continue to standardize progress toward NG911.

The 911 DataPath initiative is underway and needs input on the types of administrative data for decision making that would be useful when shared with other 911 systems. In this webinar, initiative participants and the National 911 Program will address:

  • How access to timely, automated, reliable data sharing will help PSAPs and ECCs in their everyday work

  • How the 911 community can learn about and contribute to this effort to ensure it best meets the needs of all 911 systems

  • The types of data under consideration as the initial task of this data collection and sharing effort

Here is the link to the July 7, 2020 webinar.

  • Steve McMurrer, 9-1-1 Systems Administrator, Department of Public Safety Communications, Fairfax County, Virginia

  • Jackie Mines, Senior Consultant, Mission Critical Partners, Project Manager

  • Laurie Flaherty, Program Coordinator of the National 911 Program

View Past State of 911 Webinars The recording and slide deck from every webinar in the series is available online. For information about future webinars, be sure to sign up for email alerts.

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