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Dale Curtis Communications Joins iCERT

Unique government relations / marketing / communications firm with expertise in 911/public safety

October 12, 2021

iCERT Members and Friends:

Please join us in welcoming Dale Curtis and Dale Curtis Communications to the iCERT Family.

By way of background, Dale Curtis Communications (DCC) provides custom content and communications outreach solutions for clients who know that failures to communicate well can have costly consequences in the halls of government. We specialize in taking complex, unfamiliar issues with high stakes and making our client’s views understandable and compelling to influential audiences. Our clients are mostly mid-sized industry groups, companies, and nonprofits that need help building their credibility and influence with government officials. We provide the strategy, messaging, and communications outreach solutions they need to prevail.

Dale's expectation expectation in joining ICERT is to, ". . . become better known as one of the most experienced, knowledgeable public affairs firms working in the 9-1-1 space, resulting in new business opportunities from 9-1-1 related companies and public authorities."

Please join me in welcoming Dale and DCC to iCERT.


George Kelemen

Executive Director

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