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Erik Loberg Appointed as iCERT Rep to ICE Steering Committee

2 - year term as one of two permanent representatives on the Committee

May 8, 2020

Congratulations to Erik Loberg, VP with long-time iCERT Member, GeoComm, for his selection to represent iCERT on the ICE Steering Committee. @_GeoComm@911NENA911 This 2-year term begins May 2020.

ICE Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee is charged with planning and executing a series of Industry Collaboration Events in support of the overall NENA NG9-1-1 Project and is governed by the  NENA NG9-1-1 Industry Collaboration Events Governance and Process document. This body deals primarily with setting the direction and expectations for the events. It is composed of representatives of all major stakeholder groups and is empowered to create committees as it sees fit.  Current Members:

  • Bill Mertka, Chair - NG9-1-1 Vendor

  • Jason Horning, Vice-Chair - NG9-1-1 User

  • Terry McLarty - NG9-1-1 Vendor

  • Michael Smith - NG9-1-1 Vendor

  • Kevin Rohrer - NG9-1-1 User

  • Erik Loberg - iCERT

  • Dave Sehnert - iCERT

  • Brandon Abley - NENA Staff

  • April Heinze - NENA Staff

  • Brooks Shannon - Chair ICE 9 Planning Committee

  • Bill Roche - Vice-Chair ICE 9 Planning Committee

  • TBD - Chair ICE 7 Planning Committee

  • Patrick Voigt - Member ICE 7 Planning Committee

  • Ray Paddock - NENA Development Steering Council

  • TBD - NENA Development Steering Council

  • TBD - APCO

  • Wolfgang Kampichler - EENA

  • Ron Bloom – NENA Board of Directors Liaison

  • Delaine Arnold - NENA Committee Resource Manage

ICE Steering Committee -

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