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HipLink Joins iCERT

25 years of providing Mission Critical Services to organizations nationwide

December 16, 2021

Dear iCERT Members:

Please join in welcoming Pamela and Anthony LaPine, and HipLink Software to iCERT.

As an introduction, "HipLink Software was founded in 1995 is a global software company that provides enterprise applications to automate and accelerate organizations’ ability to respond to urgent, important and time sensitive situations in order to better ensure human safety and business continuity. When public safety is threatened with active shooters, terrorists, or severe weather, rapid and reliable alerts are critical in saving lives and protecting property. When corporations must respond to IT outages, cyber-attacks and critical supply chain interruptions, both speed and guaranteed delivery are critical to prevent revenue interruptions and productivity losses.

HipLink Software has provided these Mission Critical services for over 25 years and its customers include some of the largest and most prestigious organizations in the world. HipLink Software’s technological excellence is spearheaded by a broad portfolio of patents enabling an intelligent AI-bases communications platform with extensive Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. HipLink Software’s platform rapidly and securely responds to Critical Events using integrated algorithms that quickly locate affected people, and orchestrate intelligently automated communication processes to any device on a multitude of networks.

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley CA, HipLink Software is dedicated to providing superior solutions with unparalleled technology and always puts customer service first and foremost. Founded by Pamela LaPine, HipLink Software is an WBENC certified WOB."

Through iCERT Membership, HipLink hopes to, "gain and share knowledge, build personal and professional relationships, and continue to contribute professionally to the public safety / disaster services ecosystem."

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Hanna Ovr
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