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RESULTS! ICE Topics Survey - iCERT Members

iCERT Voting Representatives to NENA ICE Steering Committee Requested Members' Input

June 6, 2021 Results (May 19, 2021 Poll)

iCERT has two voting seats representing industry on the NENA ICE Steering Committee.

Our Voting Representatives conducted a Doodle Poll among iCERT members (voting closed 6/4/21).

Based on the results of that poll, the ICE Representatives have the following message for iCERT Members, and the results of the Poll, "We want to thank all members who voted in our recent poll “Focus of Next Industry Collaboration Event”. As your representatives to the ICE Steering Committee, Jeanna Green and I wanted to provide you insights into what is next. We will be providing the results of our poll to the ICE Steering Committee for consideration, as iCERT is the only industry association that represents the vendors.

There were two other groups that were being solicited, which are represented on the ICE Steering Committee, the NENA DSC (Development Steering Council) and NASNA (National Association of State 911 Administrators). The chairs of the Steering Committee will take the results of the three polls and provide a list to the ICE Steering Committee members to select one [topic] for the next event. There will be additional discussions during the process and Jeanna and I are aligned in emphasizing the needs of the vendor community as those who actually participate in the program. The ICE Steering Committee is targeting the end of June 2021 for a decision, we will communicate the decision when it is complete.

For your reference, the results of the voting (based on % of total votes) are included in this message.

Ranked order Topic

75% Basic Call Flows using new i3v3 Interfaces

61% Telematics & Additional Data

43% Cybersecurity & Performance Testing

36% Internet of Things (IOT)

29% EIDO & EIDO Conveyance

21% Call Transfer Scenarios

14% 3D Location & Application Support

4% Higher Quality Audio Codecs


Here were the Guidelines for responding:

  • Active iCERT members only

  • "One" vote per iCERT Member Company [first vote received from a Member will count at that Members' vote]

  • Please enter your name and the company you are voting on behalf of. (required)

  • Choose up to 3 selections

Poll closed Friday, June 4, 2021.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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