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iCERT Members Elected to NG911 Institute Board of Directors

Congrats to Comtech an Redflash

October 22, 2019 Washington, DC - The Next Generation 911 Institute (NG911 Institute) is pleased to announce the results of its 2019 Board of Directors election. Neil Horden, Federal Engineering was reelected for the Member at Large (General) position; and Jill Canfield, NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association was reelected for the Consumer Telco (Small Provider) position. Susan Ornstein, Comtech Telecommunications Corp.; and George Rice, Redflash Group, were elected for the Vendor (Public Safety) positions. Peter Beckwith, South Sound 911; and Liz Graeber, City of Phoenix, were elected for the Member at Large (Public Safety) positions.

The Board elected Angel Arocho, Comcast as Chair and Maria Jacques, NASNA as Vice-chair. View the full board composition

“The Institute is thrilled to welcome Susan Ornstein, George Rice, Peter Beckwith, and Liz Graeber to the Board. Their combined experience and expertise will add new and valuable perspectives to the Board, and also will strengthen the leadership of a Board that already includes nationally recognized public safety and industry experts who are dedicated to ensuring a successful transition to nationwide NG911 deployment,” said Institute Executive Director Wesley Wright.

Liz Graeber said, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve with the NG911 Institute on educating the lifesaving benefits of NG911 and working with our elected officials on modernizing 9-1-1 nationwide.” Mr. Rice added, “It's a privilege to be tasked to work alongside the astute public and private sector experts on the Board of the NG911 Institute. I'm very much looking forward to our efforts together on behalf of NG911 systems, personnel and policies across the country."

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