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IndoorSOS Joins iCERT

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Provider wireless 911 caller indoor location

August 3, 2021

Please welcome the newest member of the iCERT Family, Paul Chan, CEO of IndoorSOS.

By way of introduction, " IndoorSOS™ harnesses the power of US patented emergency luminaire technology to provide wireless 911 caller indoor location information with certainty in providing floor level accuracy actionable for all EMS agencies. Our methodology is very simple, instead of relying on satellites in the sky, we command the emergency caller's UE to talk to our patented emergency light, which resembles a 'satellite' overhead inside the building, so that his 'pinpoint' emergency location data can be transported to the PSAP through our reliable and redundant local Digitized Civic Address Network (DCAN™) of emergency lighting."

Through iCERT membership, Paul hopes to promote and share new idea, and use real world proven and tested innovation to enhance emergency caller location service.

Learn more at

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