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National Telecommunicator Week 2020

April 12-18 Recognition and Celebration

April 12, 2020

For more than 20 years, the nation has recognized the dedication and hard work of the thousands of telecommunicators and 911 personnel every April. This year, National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week 2020: April 12-18 – will take place during an unprecedented time for the nation.

Whether a PSAP/ECC is facing significantly higher call rates due to coronavirus hotspot locations, or experiencing fewer calls due to state stay-at-home recommendations, telecommunicators continue to be dedicated to providing the link to emergency response that so many citizens across the nation need at this time.

While many of the celebratory events, and social activities that mark this annual milestone may need to be postponed, it is important that all 911 personnel know that your hard work, long hours and commitment to public service is valued and appreciated by both organizations and individuals around the country.

iCERT's Members, our Board of Directors, the NG911 Institute, and the National 911 Program celebrate telecommunicators and all of the individuals committed to 911 – people who make sure that every call for help, whether in calm or time of crisis – is answered.

When time and local guidelines permit, consider the following initiatives for your telecommunicator appreciation efforts:

  • Coordinating a Tour of Your PSAP: Inviting elected and appointed officials to experience for themselves the challenges and important responsibilities that telecommunicators faced during this pandemic and every day, could help shape governance and funding for 911. Click here for tips on how to host a tour of your PSAP.

  • Host a Survivor Celebration: Celebrate the impact that telecommunicators have in saving lives every day by inviting survivors to join a celebration at your call center. Celebrate the important role that public safety telecommunicators' quick thinking and pre-arrival instructions play in saving lives. Click here for more tips, tricks and free resources for hosting a survivor celebration at your PSAP.

  • Take Action to Support Telecommunicator Job Reclassification: The National 911 Program has collaborated with 911 stakeholders to create resources and support the effort to ensure telecommunicator job descriptions represent the specialized and life-saving elements of the role and limit focus on outdated tasks that can be perceived as clerical or administrative. Click here to learn more and access resources.

A variety of information about 911 & EMS system response to a pandemic can be accessed at COVID-19 Resources.

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