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NENA and APCO Both Release Updated RFP Templates for NG911

Templates reflect Associations' different approaches for NG911 services

February 6, 2020

The two major end-user public safety trade association have recently updated and released new versions of their "templates" for RFP draft by public safety agencies.


APCO has prepared the “Sample RFP Template for NG9-1-1 Capabilities” to assist 9-1-1 directors and authorities with their procurement activities, whether for a statewide or local effort. This document is a first of its kind from APCO and is intended to address several concerns APCO has identified with the state of progress toward Next Generation 9‑1‑1.

The RFP Template is comprehensive in nature to cover all aspects of a complete NG9-1-1 deployment, regardless of the stage any state or locality is in concerning the transition to NG9-1-1. The RFP Template offers recommendations, guidance, and specific operational requirements that will be of interest to any state or local official involved in the procurement process, especially state-level 9-1-1 officials and directors and managers of emergency communications centers (ECCs). Click Here to Request Word Version


Full Name:  NENA Request for Proposal Considerations Information Document Document Type:          Information Number: NENA-INF-021.1-2020

This document is intended for 9 1 1 Authorities that have made the decision to issue an RFP for the purpose of procuring all or part of a Next Generation 9 1 1 (NG 9 1 1) System. This document recommends a structure and content to guide a project team that has been given the charter to develop an RFP. It anticipates that other work has been done and decisions have been made that support the development of the RFP. Implementation of this document will assist 9 1 1 Authorities in developing an RFP to procure elements of an NG 9 1 1 system, including PSAP Functional Elements, NG 9 1 1 Core Services, Geographic Information System (GIS) Data and Services, and Management Information System (MIS) Data Collection and Reporting.

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