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Interconnectivity - NG911 Interstate Playbook - New Chapter 5

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

NG911 Success: Connecting State, Local, and Military Systems

November 1, 2021

Introducing Chapter 5 of the NG911 Interstate Playbook

What’s your next move in implementing Next Generation 911? Planning for interconnectivity with neighboring states and jurisdictions is vital to providing continuity in the emergency communications landscape and advancing how 911 systems work together.

Interconnectivity is key to achieving the full benefits of an IP-based system, and a new chapter in the Next Generation 911 Interstate Playbook tackles how one region addressed an interoperability project between civilian and military public safety answering points (PSAPs).

The fifth chapter focuses on connections within a region new to the Playbook—Pierce County, Washington; Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM); and the Washington State 911 Program. It documents how Pierce County collaborated on planning and integrated JBLM 911 communications with the county 911 system, creating an interoperable regional solution for Next Generation Core Services and an Emergency Services IP network.

Chapter 5 of the NG911 Interstate Playbook reveals how your NG911 project can benefit from collaborative decision-making with federal and military partners, and coordination models specific to military operations. Download this chapter now to find out what your state, local jurisdiction, or military operation can expect to experience, or start at the beginning of the playbook and learn more about collaboration with neighboring jurisdictions in chapters one through four.

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