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RedFlash Group Joins iCERT

Public Safety Focused National Full-Service Marketing & Communications Firm

November 5, 2021

iCERT Members and Friends:

Please join in welcoming the RedFlash group to iCERT. Jeff Berend, Keith Griffiths, Jake Knight, and the RedFlash team may already be familiar to many of you because of RedFlash's public safety industry focus.

The RedFlash Group is a national consulting firm focused on strategic communications and marketing for the public safety industry. RedFlash serves businesses, associations, government agencies and non-profit organizations through a full range of communications strategy, business development, industry analysis, outreach and communications, and marketing consulting services.

Founded in 2001, RedFlash delivers a unique combination of specialized expertise, combined with an extensive network of key contacts, backed by an unwavering commitment to integrity, innovation and excellence. As an independent consulting firm, RedFlash has positive relationships with the key industry leaders, media players and associations in the marketplace. In addition to strategic consulting expertise, RedFlash also offers a full range of creative and interactive services— website development, production of collateral materials, trade show exhibit design, content marketing, public relations, video, digital marketing, social media campaigns, and more.

RedFlash's goal with joining iCERT: positively impacting the emergency communications industry; supporting the association and member companies; networking with member companies.

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