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Survey - ICE Participation - Responses Requested

Seeking ANONYMOUS feedback from Members and non-Members

February 23, 2021


TO: iCERT Members / Non-iCERT Industry Professionals;

Several companies, both iCERT Members and others, have recently decided not to participate in this week's NENA ICE 9 Interoperability Collaboration event (https://www.nena.org/page/NG911_ICE9).

iCERT supports conformance testing as important to public safety's NG9-1-1 goals, and the ICE program and conformance testing, while different, can be complementary. iCERT would like to better understand if additional adjustments to the form and/or process of such interoperability events may be needed. That's why we're asking for your CONFIDENTIAL / ANONYMOUS feedback. ID information is voluntary and no individual identification will be shared.

Please respond to this quick 5-minute survey (links below) to help the public safety technology industry move forward. We'll share anonymously the results. Only one response per company.

Google Form - https://forms.gle/zxuxtWZapDwzYJvf7

PDF (if you cannot access Google Link) -https://b8d2ce42-eb7a-49c5-841f-9c5e2ad23b13.usrfiles.com/ugd/b8d2ce_629e596dca3a429ba2c06e9552fd85ac.pdf [Complete PDF, save to new file name, and email to "news@theindustrycouncil.org"]

Please respond by 5:00pm EST Friday, February 26, 2021. Thanks for your assistance. Stay Safe.

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