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The Future of PSAP is Here

Have you heard about the PSAP of the Future? Imagine an innovative solution that leverages the latest technologies to improve emergency response times and save lives. This game-changer is the PSAP of the Future.

With features like satellite communications, AI language translation, next-generation core services, texting image and video transmissions, and real-time data analytics, emergency responders can quickly and accurately assess a situation, dispatch the appropriate resources, and provide critical information to those in need. By analyzing data gathered from various sources, including voice-and-data aggregations, CAD systems, and situational awareness dashboards, it can be integrated with other data from closely related emergencies, allowing responders to better predict and allocate resources where they are most needed.

Join us in exploring the transformative potential of the PSAP of the Future. Check it out at Booth #1023 at IWCE for an immersive experience where you can drop into an NG911 call in progress and follow the flow from incident to response using emerging and advanced technologies from iCERT member companies.

This self-guided, interactive journey will take you through every stage of an NG911 call, showcasing the innovative technologies and solutions behind the calls. It will direct you to iCERT members exhibiting at IWCE, allowing you to follow up with those making it happen directly at the expo. The people providing the technology will answer any questions about their NG911 products and services.

PSAP of the Future is a vision of handling emergency communications as a highly complex and integrated technology ecosystem. Developed in collaboration with consultants, vendors, and 911 authorities alike, 911 professionals are taking a holistic approach to designing and implementing these futuristic systems to interoperate seamlessly to revolutionize emergency response.

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