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2019 911-Legislation Database Now Available

Database of state 911 legislation enacted in 2019 is available, provided by NCSL

February 11, 2020

The National 911 Program and the National Conference of State Legislatures have made available a summary of 2019 key enacted legislation.

Each year, states consider or enact legislation aimed at supporting and improving the efficiency of 911 emergency communication services.

Since 2012, the 911 Legislation Tracking Database has served as a resource for states looking to gather insight into neighboring legislative efforts or improve their emergency communications operations. It allows states to easily compare recently enacted, or modifications to existing, laws involving 911.

A few legislative highlights from 2019 include:

  • Seven states––Arkansas, California, Kansas, Maryland, New York, Oregon, and Utah––imposed new fees or increased 911 service charges for telecommunications services subscribers or consumers that make prepaid purchases.

  • Seven states––Arkansas, California, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina––passed NG911-related legislation.

  • Bills in three of these states require text-to-911 services to be developed and implemented in all of the state's localities by a certain date.

  • Michigan created new requirements for multi-line telephone systems, including ensuring that 911 calls are effectively routed to a PSAP and that the location information of each communication device is identified and transmitted to emergency responders, so they know the actual location of the emergency.

The user-friendly database provides searchable filters to quickly find a bill. Users can search by state, topic, keyword, status and bill number.

Topics include:

  • 911 Administration, Plans, Boards & Commissions

  • 911 Fee, Service Fee or Surcharge

  • 911 Funding and Appropriations

  • 911 Privacy and Confidentially

  • Enhanced 911

  • Next Generation/Advanced 911

  • Wireless 911

To access the 2019 legislation update, 911 Legislation Tracking Database, or to get more information, visit or contact Samantha Bloch with NCSL at

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