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iCERT "911 In The Cloud" Free Webinar

iCERT & IWCE Coordinate for Educational Webinar Series

8/22/19 Webinar Cloud-based services are gaining momentum in the 911 space, particularly as public-safety answering points (PSAPs) begin transforming their operations to an IP-based, next-generation 911 platform that is designed to handle multimedia information, not just voice calls. By leveraging cloud-based solutions, PSAPs are learning that they can access more data sources to provide better situational awareness to first responders and benefit from greater cybersecurity resources than they typically have on premise.

Because iCERT represents the "cutting edge" technology companies in public safety, iCERT has coordinated with IWCE as part of the Cloud and Fog on Mission-Critical Communications Webinar Series. Cloud-based solutions are commonplace for most enterprises, which are attracted to the Cloud’s resiliency, heightened functionality and lower upfront costs when compared to premise-based internal hosting of information. Public safety and other critical-infrastructure entities traditionally have been hesitant to depend on the Cloud, because they need solutions to work at all times, even when connectivity is lost. Examine how more reliable connectivity and technologies like edge computing are making some mission-critical entities reconsider leveraging the Cloud.

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