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911Inform Elected to iCERT Board of Directors

Another new cutting edge public safety technology provider joins iCERT Board

December 11, 2019 Pursuant to a Membership-wide ballot under iCERT's Bylaws, 911Inform has been duly elected as the newest member of the iCERT Board of Directors.

The current Directors and iCERT members join in celebrating this important milestone for both 911Inform and iCERT. "This addition demonstrates the Board's vision of maintaining iCERT at the cutting edge of thought leadership in public safety technology," noted Kim Robert Scovill, iCERT's Executive Director, "and 911Inform's distinctive voice and talents will accrue to the benefit of all iCERT's members." "iCERT continues to grow, almost 30% in 2019, because we are the exclusive trade association for software and technology providers in the public safety ecosystem, and represent their unique and vital interests for funding and representation at all levels of government," he added. Go to for more information.

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