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Bandwidth Joins iCERT

Innovative Software and Communications Firm Active in Public Safety

November 18, 2020

Raleigh, NC based Bandwidth is the latest innovative telecom company to sign up with iCERT. "This is a very exciting time in public safety, and Bandwidth has recognized the value in joining with the other major innovators in the field," noted Kim Robert Scovill, iCERT's Executive Director, "We're excited for the energy and expertise that a company like Bandwidth brings to iCERT, for their amplified success through involvement with iCERT. With their positive culture, they will do well as an iCERT Member."

Bandwidth is a software and communications technology company that’s transforming the way people communicate and challenging the standards of old telecom. Together with our customers, we’re unlocking remarkable value, questioning the status quo, and helping people interact with technology and one another, oftentimes in ways they never dreamed possible.

911 is complicated. 911 with Bandwidth isn’t. No communication is more important than a call to 911. But, as businesses continue to move their communications into the cloud, providing accurate 911 call routing and location management has become increasingly complicated.

Bandwidth’s E911 for VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) solution provides simplified address provisioning and highly-reliable emergency call routing across the U.S. and Canada. With Bandwidth, you spend less time managing 911, less time wondering if your users are protected, and more time focused on your day job.

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