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CA OES Announces NG911 Winners!

iCERT Companies Among Winners of CA NG911 Upgrade Contracts

8/20/19 On a 4:00pm EDT Webinar today, the CA State 9-1-1 Advisory Board announced the vendors selected for its NG911 upgrade contracts. A total of 8 vendors bid, and 4 were selected.

1. Prime Vendor – Statewide - ATOS (contract has been signed)

2. Regional Provider – Per Region

a. Central Region – NGA911

b. Southern Region – CenturyLink

c. Northern Region – Synergem Technologies

d. LA Region – NGA911. The networks will be built in compliance with NENA i3 Standards.

The project was made possible due to the passage of SB 96 that provided new funding for NG911. The new funding will begin in January 2020.

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