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CentralSquare Technologies Joins iCERT

Leading public administration software provider impacting 3 of 4 Americans

March 11, 2020

CentralSquare Technologies is an industry leader in public safety and public administration software, serving over 7,500 organizations—from the largest metropolitan city to counties and towns of every size—and impacting the lives of 3 in 4 citizens across North America. Our rich history of partnership with public sector agencies has underscored an important, shared goal: to transform public service operations and help build safer, smarter communities.

CentralSquare - Now a Proud iCERT Member

What do we do?

We provide the broadest, smartest and most unified public sector software suite that powers all aspects of managing local government. Our public sector software platform provides solutions for public safety, including 911, dispatch, records, mobile and jail. For public administration agencies, we provide software for finance, HR/payroll, utilities, citizen engagement, community development, property tax, municipal services and asset management.

Integrated response plans across police, fire and EMS

Customize workflows and response plans for every agency you dispatch—police, fire and EMS. Send the right unit to the right place in the fastest amount of time with advanced recommendation capabilities. Save even more time and lives with the ability to locate lost cellphone callers with an outbound text. With the largest bench of talent driving our CAD’s development, it’s the last system you’ll ever buy.

Enter once and access anywhere with web-based RMS Solutions

Give your public safety officers more time in the community by cutting their reporting time in half. With the customization you need, build your own forms, workflows, notifications, validations, data collection modules and fast track your reporting. And web-based records mean no upgrades or server maintenance, ever, so your IT team can manage other priorities.

Configurable workspaces that adapt to your workflows

Make your job easier with a complete cloud-based financial software system that provides easy access to real-time revenue and cost information. Finance Enterprise lets you use configurable workspaces to customize navigation and screen setup for each user to show them only what they need. Powerful analytics and reporting tools with built-in artificial intelligence allow you to easily create your own reports and schedule for distribution—all in one place.

Reduce permitting time by up to 80%

CentralSquare Community Development software turns your paper forms into digital workflows and automates your land-use planning, permitting and inspections processes. Enter permitting information directly into the system and use automated workflows aligned with your processes. Create a better citizen experience, and get your buildings and houses up faster and on the tax rolls sooner.

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