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3X FREE 911 Cloud Webinars

iCERT Board Members, on Presenters' Panel for IWCE Webinars

November 7, 2019 - CLICK HERE and receive access to 3 FREE "911 In The Cloud" educational webinars (link will be emailed after free registration):

911 in the Cloud Cloud-based services are gaining momentum in the 911 space, particularly as public-safety answering points (PSAPs) begin transforming their operations to an IP-based, next-generation 911 platform that is designed to handle multimedia information, not just voice calls. By leveraging cloud-based solutions, PSAPs are learning that they can access more data sources to provide better situational awareness to first responders and benefit from greater cybersecurity resources than they typically have on premise.

Cloud-Based Applications in the Field With reliable broadband connectivity, personnel in the field can access cloud-based applications that can help improve decision-making at the scene and even improve capabilities in the field. This webinar will examine advances in CAD, IoT/IoLST, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, data analytics, location data and how it can be used in the field to greatest effect to be actionable and operational.

Cloud, Fog, Mist, and Edge Computing – What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter When I Pick a Provider? Leveraging cloud computing can be a cost-effective way to increase productivity, access additional computational resources and increase enterprise flexibility in a disaster-recovery scenario. However, mission-critical and business-critical entities have long worried about security and their ability to function on cloud-based systems when their connectivity to a centralized cloud may be lost. This webinar will examine security considerations and approaches that effectively bring at least a portion of cloud intelligence closer to the end user—flavors include fog, mist and edge computing—to boost performance and potentially improve system resilience when cloud connectivity is down. Learn about the right questions to ask when making decisions about what is best for your enterprise.

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