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FirstWatch Joins iCERT

Innovative Data Solutions for Public Safety and Healthcare

August 10, 2020

"Congratulations Todd Stout, CEO of FirstWatch," noted iCERT Executive Director, Kim Robert Scovill, "for qualifying as the newest iCERT Member. We're excited to add FirstWatch's distinctive services, resources, and perspectives to the iCERT Family."

By way of background, FirstWatch helps public safety and healthcare professionals serve their communities through the use of technology and the science of quality improvement. FirstWatch turns raw data into meaningful information, helping agencies improve situational awareness, operational performance and clinical patient outcomes. Our system does this by securely capturing, translating and transmitting information about their 9-1-1 callers, patients and systems via FirstWatch triggers all in real-time.

Drawing on deep experience in emergency services, the FirstWatch team develops software and personalized solutions to help organizations continuously improve at what they do. Founded in 1998, and based in Carlsbad, CA., FirstWatch has partnered with more than 500 communities across North America to improve outcomes, efficiency, safety, and operations.

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