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iCERT Lobbies FCC for Public Safety Technology

Championing Public Safety Technology Providers at Commission

December 10, 2019 In keeping with its mission to champion public safety technology providers, representatives of iCERT visited with both the FCC Chairman's Office and the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) at the Commission's offices in D.C.

iCERT provided the PSHSB with an overview of iCERT’s new organizational structure and membership, our policy and technology efforts on various public safety topics, and copies of our recent publications. The details of this discussion are contained in the PowerPoint and documents as provided to participants (link above with picture). The iCERT Team included: Executive Director, Kim Robert Scovill; Ellen O'Hair, Chair; Eric Hagerson, Vice Chair; Mary Boyd, Treasurer; Don Brittingham, Chair - Policy Committee; and Don Ferguson, Chair - Innovation and Technology Committee. The Staffers asked questions and encouraged iCERT to keep the Commission advised of our activities. Ex parte statements were timely filed as required.

Don Brittingham, Zenji Nakazawa, Eric Hagerson

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