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KaeVon LeGrande, IWCE 2020 Young Professionals Award Recipient

Congratulations to KaeVon, representing iCERT Board Member, The Digital Decision, LLC.

August 26, 2020

Ceremony delayed due to Covid-10 - Part of Virtual IWCE 2020

April13, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS to KaeVon LeGrande, Project Manager for iCERT Board Member, The Digital Decision LLC, for receiving an IWCE 2020 Young Professionals Award.

iCERT is not surprised at KaeVon's achievement as he has served as TDD's representative to the iCERT Board of Directors for the past year, and serves on several iCERT Committees and Working Groups, including our Strategic Planning Committee.

The Young Professionals Awards were created to honor individuals that are excelling and executing some of the industry's most innovative ideas, demonstrating creativity and initiative. This person can be a peer, team member or employee under the age of 35 that has made an impact on his or her department, company or team.

The winners will be recognized in a special ceremony in August at the rescheduled IWCE program.

Be sure to show your support and attend the ceremony, free to all IWCE attendees!

Again, a very special congratulations to these Young Professionals!

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