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NASNA / iCERT - Update Presentation During NASNA Annual Meeting

NASNA Virtual Meeting - June 12 and June 19, 2020 - via Teams

June 12, 2020 Virtual

iCERT members provided an "update" to the assembled NASNA membership today via the Teams meeting platform. "We grateful to the Staff, Management, and Members of NASNA for allowing iCERT to provide a periodic update on our activities, and look forward to continuing our long and productive collaborative relationship," noted Kim Robert Scovill, Executive Director of iCERT, "In these unprecedented times, it's even more important to keep the lines of communication open and find new ways to work together."

Speaking at the program:

Ellen O'Hara, Chair - iCERT Board of Directors

Donald Brittingham, Chair - iCERT Policy Committee

Don Ferguson, Chair - iCERT Innovation and Technology Committee

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