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Quicket Solutions Joins iCERT

Cloud-based workflow specialists

March 30, 2020

iCERT is proud to announce that Quicket Solutions has joined the iCERT family. "Even in the midst of all that is going on, our commitment to our value proposition, and unrelenting belief in our members continues to draw committed public safety providers to iCERT," noted Executive Director, Kim Robert Scovill, "Quicket Solutions adds a distinctive and important service to the iCERT portfolio - welcome."

From dispatch to disposition, Quicket provides a unified cloud-based workflow automation and analytics platform that is trusted by public sector organizations across the United States. Quicket’s SaaS offering presents an immediate positive ROI for clients, as it reduces manual data entry, enables real-time sharing, automates services for residents, and eliminates costs associated with managing server infrastructure. Learn more at:

Our Values Enable Excellence

INNOVATION We are creative. We are bold and challenge the status quo. HIGH PERFORMANCE We are here to make an impact in our communities. We prioritize the most important work. INTEGRITY We act with respect, honesty, and transparency in our actions. We make and keep commitments. We do the right thing. COLLABORATION We are one company. We value team over individual success. CUSTOMER-CENTRIC We obsess over the customer experience. We value the success of our customers and partners. We take responsibility and learn.

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