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Results: 2019 iCERT Board Elections

5 Companies Elected to iCERT Board

October 8, 2019

Dear iCERT Members & Friends:

It is with great pride that Ellen and I announce the election of the following members to the iCERT Board of Directors:

Henry Unger, Pulsiam

Lynne Houserman, Motorola Solutions

Joe Marx, AT&T

Mary Boyd, Intrado

Tim Lorello, Seculore.

Please join me in congratulating them all on their elections! After a record-breaking 2019, we’re all looking forward to your creative leadership and enthusiasm to take us into an even more exciting 2020.

And, of course, thanks to all our Members and friends for your continued participation and support. SEE YOU IN CHICAGO !!!



Ellen O’Hara, Chair


Kim Robert Scovill, Executive Director

Office 202-503-9998

Follow Us @iCERT1st

iCERT – Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies, Inc.

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