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WorkVantage, Inc. Joins iCERT

Robert Bennett, CEO

August 16, 2020

"More great iCERT News, and congratulations to Robert Bennett and WorkVantage, Inc.," noted iCERT Executive Director, Kim Robert Scovill, "for qualifying as the newest iCERT Member. "We're excited to add WorkVantages's distinctive services, resources, and perspectives to the iCERT Family."

By way of introduction, WorkVantage, Inc. provides expert wireless 911 consulting services to companies, government agencies, and organizations of all sizes. They help with questions on call routing, cell sector and network configuration, location services, and industry trends.

Through iCERT membership, Robert and WorkVantage hope to interact with peers in the emergency services technology field and to provide assistance to move us all forward.

Confident Robert would welcome hearing from many of you, and again, please join me in welcoming Robert Bennett and WorkVantage to the iCERT Family.

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