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iCERT 2020 - Year of Accomplishments - Looking Forward

Annual Members Meeting - 2020 Highlights and Roadmap for 2021

October 6, 2020

Ellen O'Hara, iCERT Chair, reviewed iCERT's significant achievements in the past year -

Reminder - who we are: "The only trade association exclusively championing commercial public safety response technology providers, software developers, cloud providers, and all related organizations serving the public safety community."

Twelve New Members Since October 2020

2020 Initiatives and Accomplishments:

Policy and Regulation

Executive Leadership met with FCC in December to lobby for Public Safety Technology

Promoted NG911 interoperability by petitioning Congress and publishing papers on Conformance Testing

  • Advanced Federal legislation on:

    • NEW Money for NG911 funding

    • Stop 911 fee diversion

    • Reclassification of 911 Telecommunicators

    • Repeal of T-Band provisions

    • Clarify Z-axis for 911 location

Innovation & Technology

  • Cloud Working Group

    • Released “Public Safety Grade Data Center”

    • Released “Rising of the Cloud”

    • “Cyber Security” In Progress

  • Internet of Things Working Group

    • “IoT & Public Safety” In Progress


  • NEW iCERT Logo and Tag Line - Released to Members - Branding Initiative Begins

  • Marketing Committee Established in January, focused on updating iCERT’s marketing presence - Twelve Member Companies volunteered to work on this committee

  • Social Media presence expanded, work on logo and other marketing components in progress

  • iCERT Booth during September’s Virtual IWCE Expo

  • Monthly Happy Hour launched!!

Participation in Industry Panels and Partner Meetings

  • Frequent meetings with the National911 Office

  • iCERT Exclusive Sponsored panel at NENA’s 911GTW: three iCERT members discussed the intersection of technology & telecom policy

  • Presentation at NASNA’s Annual Meeting

  • Participation on DHS NG911 Interoperability Project (with Texas A&M)

  • Permanent Membership Position (2X) on the NEW NG911 Interoperability Oversight Commission (NIOC)

  • Permanent Membership Position on ICE Steering Committee

Member Services

  • Unique Feature NOT Offered By Any Other Traded Association - Deltek Free RFP Daily Leads Program

    • Lead Customization and Training Provided

  • Member Surveys on Key Issues

  • Member Feedback on Organization Direction

  • iCERT Sponsored - Member Attended Convention/Marketing Plans

  • Survey - Employee Benefits Plans - Metrics for Members

  • New iCERT Strategic Plan Developed and Adopted

2021 Initiatives

  • Unitel – Insurance Brokerage Services for Members

  • NPSTC – Potential Affiliate Status

Questions about any of the above, or about iCERT Membership, contact and visit

For videos, presentations, and more information for MEMBERS ONLY< go to 

(PW was sent to members)

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