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2022 iCERT Member Survey

iCERT has represented the public safety technology industry since 2005 and based its work on the evolving needs of its members. As we prepare for 2023, a new Congress and continued innovation in emergency response technology, we want to take this time to gather important feedback and insights from you, our members, via the 2022 membership survey.

This member survey is designed to assist iCERT leadership in collecting member feedback and input into the association’s long-term strategy. Your responses will remain anonymous. However, we encourage you to identify so we may follow up with participants for results

The 2022 Survey is divided into several sections and will take about 15-20 minutes to fully complete. iCERT seeks your responses to specific questions, but we also provide opportunities for you to share more detailed information. This is your opportunity to help iCERT continue to provide excellent member value, while also serving as industry’s champion.

Please take the opportunity to spend a few minutes completing the survey and sharing your thoughts with us. Deadline for submissions is Monday, October 10,2022.

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