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FCC Updates PSAP Outage Notification Rules

Third Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

April 23, 2021

In this Third Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Notice), we propose to enhance our regulatory framework governing notifications of disruptions to 911 service by harmonizing our notification requirements, improving the usefulness of outage notification content, requiring service providers to keep the public informed during periods of 911 unavailability, and ensuring the accuracy of Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) contact information. We also seek comment on whether modifications to the associated reporting requirements would enhance public safety while reducing burdens on regulated entities. Section 1 of the Communications Act, as amended (Act), charges the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) with “promoting safety of life and property through the use of wire and radio communications.” This statutory objective and statutory authorities, also cited below, support the Commission’s network outage reporting and 911 reliability rules, including the proposals here. In adopting this Notice, we continue the Commission’s commitment to ensuring that our rules, including those governing covered 911 service providers, are sufficient, necessary, and technologically appropriate.

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