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NASNA Receives 1st iCERT Cloud Working Group White Paper

July 23, 2019 In continuation of our positive cooperative relationship with NASNA, we are pleased to provide iCERT’s Cloud Working Group White Paper, “Public Safety Grade Data Centers, Evaluation Guidelines", recently approved by the iCERT Board of Directors.

This white paper was mentioned at our NASNA meeting on June 14, 2019. Step 1 - provides a suggested framework for evaluating the choice between a local on-premises data center facility, and a remote data center (hosted or cloud), based on two criteria: availability and security. Working from this foundation also offers public safety agencies a simple method of evaluating a data center to determine its adherence to public safety grade infrastructure guidelines regardless of whether it is modeled on cloud computing, remotely hosted, or via an on-premises solution.

This paper is a collaboration of iCERT members who, while they often compete, also believe that working together to demystify the Cloud, its practical usage, and application in 9-1-1 / NG9-1-1, is of paramount importance. One of iCERT’s founding principles is the betterment of our entire industry, and mutual efforts such as this serve this principle well.

This paper is also part of a continuing series of iCERT papers on Cloud, IoT, and AI. iCERT’s goal is to provide valuable vendor insight, best practices guidance, and technology leadership within the Public Safety community.

About National Association of State 911 Administrators

NASNA's sole focus is to facilitate the success of 911 programming at the State, U.S. Territory, and District level. We achieve this through networking with our members, providing learning opportunities, and productive partnerships at both the Federal level and within the private sector. NASNA began in 1989 when state 911 program administrators began to meet informally to exchange information on common 911 issues. After its incorporation in 1994, NASNA took on two major policy issues: wireless E911 location and multi-line telephone systems. Since then, NASNA has grown and gained the attention and respect of federal lawmakers, governors, federal agencies, corporations and the military. NASNA serves as the source of information, support, and expertise for industry associations, public policymakers, the private sector, and 911 professionals at all levels of government as they address complex issues surrounding the evolution of emergency communications. NASNA serves as a vital resource for the continuous improvement of 911 services nationwide through strategic partnerships and collaborative policy positions. Learn more at

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