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Synergem Technologies Joins iCERT

Home of the SynergemNET™ suite of cloud based i3 NG911 services

August 20, 2021

iCERT Members and Friends please join me in welcoming Synergem to the iCERT Family. Many of you will recognize some familiar names at Synergem, Myron Herron, CEO, and Bill Mertka, Director of Product and Technology.

As an introduction, Synergem Technologies provides reliable NENA i3-based solutions for public-safety. The SynergemNET™ suite of cloud based services provides a flexible and dependable way for telecom carriers, state and local governments and even individual PSAPs to migrate quickly from the legacy environment to a true NG9-1-1 ecosystem.

Through iCERT Membership, Synergem hopes to collaborate with other industry professionals and advocate for cutting edge standards, best practices, and public safety technology issues.

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